Self Piercing Rivets

Self piercing rivets pierce and fasten in one operation.

A self piercing rivet joins two or more layers of material by piercing the top layer of material and then flaring out at the bottom layer, forming a mechanical interlocking structural joint.

As the name suggests pre drilled pilot holes are not required, allowing a rapid, strong, fastening solution that would suit numerous applications.

Here at Huck Aerobolt we can help with all your self piercing rivet requirements from a hand held tool through to an automated manufacturing system.

Currently we have a hand held self piercing tool for hire. Please contact us.

Self piercing rivets pierce and fasten in one operation, unlike conventional rivets you don’t have to drill a hole prior to installing a rivet. Great for high volume repetitive work. Contact us for further information.

Self Pierce Rivet Features

  • Self sealing joints can be air and water tight
  • Enhance uniform appearance
  • Excellent mechanical strength and fatigue performance
  • Repeatable results
  • Permanent assembly

Self Pierce Rivet Advantages:

  • Fast single joining process
  • Can be used on unweldable materials and dissimilar material combination
  • Little or no damage to pre-coated materials
  • No fume or heat, low noise emission, low energy consumption