Nutsert Gun KJ60

These nutsert guns combines reliability, power and ergonomics all in one tool. An Italian tool that is powered via a hydropneumatic system (oil & air) rather than just pneumatic (air), to you this means they work harder and live longer. 

These Far® branded tools installs a wide range of nutserts in all materials via a spin in/pull out motion, eliminating torque on the thread during installation and offering greater flexiablity with nutsert sizes.

The KJ60 and KJ45s feature fast nutsert cycle times, power, reliability and come in a quality plastic carry case with applicable mandrels/anvils. All our tools come with a 12 month warranty.

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Product Code Construction Capacity Weight (kg) Length (mm) Height (mm) Enquiry Cart
NG-KJ60 ABS Plastic/Steel M3-8 2.1 295 288
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NG-45S ABS Plastic/Steel M4-12 2.8 296 312
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Nutsert Tool Far® Key Product Feature

  • These tools work harder & live longer throught their hydropneumatic system
  • Quick cycle time with forward and reverse trigger buttons
  • Simple mandrel change over with tool installing a wide range of nutserts
  • Well balanced, toughened plastic body & robust rubber base
  • Can be suspended or hand held and comes in a quality carry case & so much more

Nutsert Gun NG-KJ60 technical data. Pulling force; 13,660 N. Pressure; 6 bar or 87 psi. Nutsert tool comes with; Screw mandrel & anvils (nose pieces) for M3-M8, wrench, oil bottle, air fitting & manual.

Nutsert Gun NG-KJ45s technical data. Pulling force; 27,460 N. Pressure 6 -7 bar or 87 - 101 psi. Stroke 8 mm. Nutsert tool comes with;  Screw mandrel & anvil (nose pieces) for M4-M12, wrench, oil bottle, air fitting & manual

The Far brand nutsert guns combine reliability, power, ergonomics and a light weight attribute installing nutserts via a spin in /pull out motion, eliminating torque on the thread during installation.