Manual Tool

Manual Structural Rivet Tool.

This robust long lever tool from Far® is handy for setting both Huck® structural rivets such as Magna-lok® and Mono bolts rivets. Diameter range is 4.8mm (3/16') and 6.4 mm (1/4'). Cal also install an all aluminium structural rivet Ø 7.9 mm (5/16') such as the Tri-bulbs or Bulb tites®.

A high quality European tool that has long arms for optimal leverage, providing a versatile alterntaive to a Huck air gun, should you be an infrequent users of Huck® or Mono bolt rivets.

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Product Code Construction Weight (kg) Length (mm) Height (mm) Enquiry Cart
Huck Tool RT-33 Steel 2.4 600 24
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Robust long lever rivet tool is handy for setting both Huck structural rivets and Mono bolts rivets dia. 4.8mm (3/16") and 6.4 mm (1/4"). Also installs aluminium 5/16" or 7.9mm Huck rivets icluding Tri-bulbs and Bulb tites.

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