Huck Offset tool

Compact heavy duty Huck guns for limited space.

These robust durable small Huck guns have been designed to install C50L Huck bolt in limited access areas.

This family of tools have similar configurations but each tool model installs specific diameter Huckbolts®. Piston and swaging areas are offset to the centreline of the tool along with a built-in nose allowing for a smaller design tool.

The Offset Guns requires a Huck hydraulic power unit and genuine high pressure hoses to operate.

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Product Code Diameter Construction Weight (kg) Length (mm) Height (mm) Enquiry Cart
HuckGun-6304 16mm (5/8") Steel 7.40 184 92
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HuckGun-7304 19mm (3/4") Steel 7.7 194 105
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HuckGun-8304 22mm (7/8") Steel 11.90 205 124
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HuckGun-9304 25mm (1") Steel 15.4 213 140
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The beauty of these tools is the way they work to install C50L Huck bolt in areas with limited clearance. 

Pull pressure; 8000-8400 psi (55,200-57,900 kPa). Return pressure 2800-3200 psi (19,300-22,100 kPa). These Offsett Gun requires a nose assembly, Huck power rig and high pressure hoses to operate.

The Huck Offset tools install different Huck bolts diameter to suit your specific requirements.