Huck Hydraulic Unit

Huck powerig® power source for the installation of oversize Huck bolts.

Combining advanced design and quality manufacturing, Huck hydraulic power units offer both best in class performance and long product life.

Huck hydraulic units or power rigs are used for the installation of large diameter Huck bolts, the range starts from the compact 940-220AUS, an Australian built unit through to the mighty and powerful 918-5 a three phase rig that allows you to operate three huck guns at once.

These hydraulic units have a heavy duty roll frame that incoroprates handles and stand, allowing for easy and safe transportation.  Huck power rigs are individually tested to the most exacting standards ensuring the strength of every Huck installation.

Huck Hydraulic Power Unit 940-220 AUS - Electric

Huck Powerig 940-220AUSThis Huck hydraulic pump is the lightweight electric option suitable for a wide range of hydraulic Huck guns in most applications. 

Built tough in Australia for Australian conditions, this compact electrically powered unit features a working pressure of 10,000 psi, rugged handles for easy transportation and simple adjustable hydraulic outlets. 

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940-220-AUS Single phase 30
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Output Pressure: Pull 39 300 kpa (5700 psi) Up to 10 000 psi. Return 16 500 kpa (2400 psi). Length: 354mm. Height: 470mm. Width 409mm. Weight; 30kg without hyraulic fluid. Electrical System; 230 volts, 50/60 Hertz, Single Phase, AC. Control System: Solenoid valve, 24 Volts AC. Motor; 12 000RPM 91-1/8 HP) 0.764 kW 20Amps nominal. 

Huck Hydraulic Power Unit 940-AB - Air/Pneumatic

Power Rig 940ABThe Huck powerig 940 AB is a robust portable air driven power rig that is battery operated - 240 volt power is not required. Great for confined spaces such as underground mines.

The hydraulic powered rig is protected by a rugged roll cage and handles which make it easy for transportation. The simple adjustable hydraulic outlets are great for quickly connecting tools and hoses. 

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940-AB Air/pneumatic 32
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Output Pressure:Pull 39,300kpa(5700psi). Return 16,500kpa(2400psi). Length 550mm. Height 550mm. Width 5500mm.Weight without hydraulic fluid.  

Huck Powerig 913-H - Petrol

Huck powerig 913-H PetrolThe 913H power rig is a petrol driven unit ideally suited to field work where electricity is not an option. The unit is renowned for its reliability and suits a wide range of hydraulic installation tools.

The Huck hydraulic 913H includes handles for easy transportation, simple adjustable hydraulic outputs and a quick connection coupler for connecting installation tool hoses.

Product Code Type Weight (kg) Enquiry Cart
913-H Petrol 55
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Output Pressure: Pull 40000 kpa (5800 psi) Return 19000 kpa (2800 psi). Length: 629 mm. Height: 700 mm. Width: 540 mm. Weight without hydraulic fluid

Huck Powerig 918-5 - Electric

Huck powerig 918-5 ElectricThe 918-5 is the largest hydraulic unit offered by Huck and can operate three tools simultaneously and independent of each other.

Powerful enough to operate equipment up to 30 metres from the unit. This power rig will deliver up to 648 bar or 8400 psi. Simple adjustment allows tools requiring different hydraulic pressure to be used.

This Huck power rig requires 3 phase power.

Product Code Type Weight (kg) Enquiry Cart
918-5 3 phase 272
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Output Pressure: Pull 648 bar (8400 psi) Return 482 bar (7000 psi). Length: 1118 mm. Height: 762 mm. Width: 737 mm. Weight without hydraulic fluid

Huck Hydraulic Unit Power Rig Advantages

  • Huck quality construction  
  • Choice of power ortions
  • Adjustiable hydraulic outlets
  • Quick connect couplers
  • Handles for easy transport
  • Roll cage for safety
  • Powerig 940-AB air driven for confined spaces

Huck Hydaulic Unit Power Rig Applications

  • Vibratory screens
  • Crushing machines
  • Rotary breakers
  • Mining
  • Rail and much more

Did you know Huck Aerobolt also hire Huck Hydraulic Units?

At Huck Aerobolt we can assist with the selection of a hydraulic pumping machine or hydraulic units for the installation of large diameter Huck bolts fasteners. Huck hydraulic units starts with the popular and compact Huck 940-220AUS an Australian built unit through to the mighty and powerful 3 phase electric powerig 

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