Bond Flex Plus

Easy to use structural adhesive suitable for powder coating.

Bond-Flex Plus is a high performance structural adhesive with great mechanical strength for elastic bonding and assembling of numerous materials. This is one of the strongest adhesive products on the market with a tensile strength of 2.7 Nmm (DIN 53504).

Formulated to resist short periods of heat associated with powder coating and can be painted immediately after application "wet on wet" with a water based paint.

A superior alternative to Bond Flex without the high initial tack, Bond-Flex Plus also has double the skin formation time (about 20 min) compared to the original Bond-Flex-giving you more time to work with the adhesive before bonding. 

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Adhesive Bond Flex Plus Sausage

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SILABFP600GS Bond Flex Plus White sausage 600 mm or 970 g
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Bond-Flex Plus is a high quality structural adhesive for bonding applications in the bus, coach and truck fabrication industries, structural adhesive means the bonding joint is as strong as the structure. 

Bond Flex Plus Adhesive Glue Advantages

  • Very high bond strength
  • Quick build up of end strength
  • High performance mechanical properties
  • Long open time
  • Can be sanded after full cure
  • Suitable for warm humid weather
  • Easy to tool and finish
  • No bubble formation within the sealant
  • Colour stable and UV resistant
  • Flexible rubber -20% movement
  • Does not contain isocyanates or silicone solvents.

Sealant lab. tests indicate this is one of the best single component adhesives.