Huck Blind Rivets

Huck Rivets, the original vibration resistant structural rivet.

Complete range including the original extended grip range Huck Magna-Lok rivet, the Huckloc 'xtralok' and the tri folding Huck-tite suitable for light weight material.  View the complete Huck rivet range.  

Huck blind rivets are ideal in loosening and vibration applications because they are the world's strongest,most reliable rivet fastening solution.   

In fact, in fatigue tests, Huck blind rivets outlasted the competition by almost 20 to 1. Engineered with a unique locking design that mechanically locking the pin into the sleeve during installation- how clever is that?

Huck rivetHuck Rivet Magna-lok

Huck rivet magna-lok is a high performance locking rivet with extended grip range and the Huck 360 degrees internal locking mechanism ensuring great resistance to vibration and moisture. Huck rivets are available in diameters starting from 4.8 mm (3/16") through to 12.7 mm (1/2") with a range of different head styles and materials to suit.

Huck MB RivetHuck Magna-Bulb (MB) Rivet

Huck MB rivets are renowned for their excellent shear & tensile strength among most mechanical rivets on the market. When installed they produce a wide blind side footprint designed to spread the load, making them ideal when used in the fabrication of thin sheet metal

Huck xtralok rivetHuckloc Xtralok Rivet 

 The Huckloc xtralok® rivet is a double locking wide-grip range mechanical rivet for sheet metal, fiberglass, plastics and other composites materials. Combining the extended grip range of the original Huck rivet and the strength of the MB rivet has resulted in a rivet like no other, a rivet that locks material from both sides with excellent shear and pull-up force.

What is a blind rivet?

Blind rivets are so called because they are designed to be installed from one side of the work area by a single operator.

What are the main advantages of a blind rivet?

  • Quick assembly
  • Lower installation costs
  • Lower inventory costs