Huck 2025 gun

Huck Gun FT-10256 air/pneumatic

Huck Tool 2025. Quality Huck gun for Huck bolts and Huck Rivets

When the quality and reliability of your installations are critical, Huck is the answer for tools that are precision engineered for easy use and build tough to stand up to the most rigorous working conditions.

The Huck tool 2025 installs both Huck bolts and Huck blind rivets.   

Seeking Huck tool 2025 (PDF) (875 Kb) data?

Huck Gun 2025 Installation

  • Huck bolts 3/16'and 1/4'
  • Huck rivets 3/16'and 1/4

Huck 2025 Features

  • Light weight
  • High speed
  • Low noise level
  • Made in the USA

Huck Gun 2025 Quick Specs

  • Production and mainteance use
  • Stroke 17.0 mm
  • Weight 2.6 kg
  • Pull capacity 23.5kN