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Huck Bolts

Huck Bolt C50L

Huck Bolt C50L Collar

Low Profile Collar
Product Code Collar Diameter Enquiry Cart
8LC-2R16G 12.7mm - 1/2"
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8LC-2R20G 15.9mm - 5/8"
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8LC-2R24G 19.1mm - 3/4"
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8LC-2R28G 22.2mm-7/8"
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8LC-2R32G 25.4mm - 1"
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8LC-2R36G 28.57mm - 1 1/8"
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Huck Guns

Huck Air Gun

Huck Gun 10U05 air/pneumatic

Huck Gun FT-10U05 air/pneumaticThe HG-10U05 is a  light weight production tool designed for installation of Huck bolts (pin & collar), Huck structural rivets and Monobolts. 

The tool accepts a range of both Huck and Far nose assemblies which can be quickly and easily changed over to accommondate the different fastener types and diameters sizes; 4.8 mm (3/16"), 6.4 mm (1/4") and 7.9 mm (5/16"). Nose assemblies are priced seperately. 

Browse Far® Rivet Gun for tools that install both Huck structural rivets and standard rivets (i.e. they do not install 2 piece pin & collar Huck bolts). 

This tool can be hired from us. All our tools come with a 12 month warranty. PRICE CHECKED. BEST PRICE HERE.

Product Code Construction Weight (kg) Length (mm) Height (mm) Enquiry Cart
HG-10U05 Hard plastic/steel 2.50 240 340
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Huck Tool Manual

Product Code Construction Weight (kg) Length (mm) Height (mm) Enquiry Cart
Huck Tool RT-33 Steel 2.4 600 24
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Huck Gun Spare Parts

Far Spare Parts

Product Code Description Enquiry Cart
Far Spares Wide range of Far spare parts avaliable
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Rivet guns

Rivet gun Far®

Product Code Construction Weight (kg) Length (mm) Height (mm) Enquiry Cart
RT-10171 ABS Hard Plastic/Steel 2.90 325 340
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RT-10180 ABS Hard plastic/steel 2.0 305 302
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Rivet tools manual

Product Code Construction Weight (kg) Length (mm) Enquiry Cart
RT-K14 Steel frame 1.0 335
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