Well Nut Nutserts

 Well nuts, rub nuts or sometimes known as rawl nuts are flanged rubber bushings (body) with a captive brass nut inside, designed to provide a shock and vibration resistant fixing.

Well nuts work on virtually any material, either solid or hollow, including metal sheet, plywood, glass, plastic, composites etc.

Well nuts do not requiring any special tool - great for the handyman. 

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Well Nuts

Well Nuts Large Flange (Nut-Brass & Body-Theroplastic EPDM)
Product Code Description Grip min-max (mm) Enquiry Cart
RN3-126 M3 x12.6 mm legth 0.40-4.00
+ Add
RN4-126 M4 x 12.6 mm length 0.40-4.00
+ Add
RN5-141 M5 x 14.1 mm length 0.40-4.90
+ Add
RN5-170 M5 x 17.0 mm length 0.85-5.90
+ Add
RN5-215 M5 x 21.5 mm length 4.00-10.00
+ Add
RN5-265 M5 x 26.5 mm length 7.90-15.00
+ Add
RN6-160 M6 x 16.0 mm length 0.40-4.00
+ Add
RN6-211 M6 x 21.1 mm length 0.80-4.70
+ Add
RN6-267 M6 x 26.7 mm length 6.40-11.50
+ Add
RN8-183 M8 x 18.3 mm length 0.40-4.00
+ Add
RN8-279 M8 x 27.9 mm length 3.95-9.50
+ Add

Well nuts are rubber flanged bushings with a brass nut molded into their body. Great for almost anywhere and in any material, they have the added advantage of not requiring any special tool. 

Well Nut Performance Data Information?  Click here (PDF) (23 Kb)

Well Nut Advantages

  • Acess needed to only one side of workpiece. 
  • Absorbs vibration and shock. 
  • Suitable for numerous materials including metal class, plywood, plastic etc
  • Muffles and absorbs noise.
  • Fastens in blind, burr free holes. Protects drilled hole
  • UV and weathering resistant. Seals out moisture.
  • Removable and reuseable
  • Helps prevent metal corrosion
  • One step installation
  • Isolates electrical conductivity
  • No special tools required

Well Nut Applications

Well nut applications are endless from automotive manufacturing, marine, sheetmetal and fiberglass applications and so much more. 

Well Nuts Are Simple to Install

  • Place well nut insert all the way into the pre drilled hole until the flange is firmly agaist the mounting surface.
  • Pass the machine screw through the part to be fastened and tighten ubtil snug. Easy