Recoil Inserts Kits

Recoil threaded inserts are a quick and easy method for repairing damaged threads in the day to day maintenance of equipment and components, or creating stronger original sized threads in a wide range of materials.

Recoil offers a choice of repair kits to meet a wide range of repair options. The Recoil products include the Trade Series Kit, Standard Repair Kits in Metric and Inch, Replacement Insert Packets Metric and Inch, Smartsert and Tangless Inserts, Manual and Power Installation Tools, Taps, Drills and Tang Removal Tools.

Recoil Threaded Insert Repair Kit

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Recoil threaded insert enable you to produce a strong, permanent thread in metals and plastics but are particularly useful for creating strong threads in softer materials such as aluminium, titanium and magnesium alloys.

Recoil Threaded Insert for OEM* Applications include:

  • Military/Defence
  • Industrial OEM
  • Rail/Transportation

Recoil Threaded Insert for MRO** Applications include:

  • Automotive Engine Repair
  • General plant maintenance
  • Workshops

*Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) ** Maintenance Repair Overhaul (MRO)