Plus Nut Nutserts

Heavy Duty Extended Grip Range Nutserts.

Plus Nuts are ideal when seeking a captive nut with an extended grip range, good for soft/brittle materials such as plastics, fiberglass or sheet metal. 

Aerobolt's Plus Nut range are pre bulbed slotted shanks making them easier to install than straight shanks, they distribute the load bearing over a large area making them ideal in soft or thin materials.

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Threaded Inserts Plus-Nuts Steel

Threaded Inserts Plus-Nut Large Flange
Product Code Description Grip min-max (mm) Enquiry Cart
PLUSM5-0445 M5 0.50-4.45
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PLUSM5-0810 M5 4.50-8.10
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PLUSM6-0710 M6 0.50-7.10
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PLUSM6-1270 M6 7.10-12.70
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PLUSM8-0710 M8 0.50-7.10
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PLUSM8-1270 M8 7.10-12.70
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Plus nut nutserts are great when seeking an extended grip range insert, widely used in plastic, fiberglass and sheet metal applications.

Threaded Inserts PlusNuts Advantages

  • Provides ultimate pull out strength in thin or soft materials
  • Fastens in blind holes
  • Will not distort or deform soft plastics or thin sheet metal
  • Fastens securely in uneven surfaces
  • Great grip range

Threaded Inserts Plus Nuts Applications

  • Automotive
  • Truck/trailer paneling
  • Plastic/fiberglass applications.