Jack Nut

Slotted Body Threaded Inserts for Plastic, Paper or Glass.

Jack nuts provide a light weight fixing in thin, soft or brittle materials. Upon installation, the slotted sleeves collapes to a propeller shape configuration which gently grips the inside of the mounting surface - providing a permanent, reuseable screw anchor.

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Jack Nuts Steel

Jack Nuts Large Flange
Product Code Description Grip min-max (mm) Enquiry Cart
JN4-050 M4 0.1-5.0
+ Add
JN5-050 M5 0.1-5.0
+ Add
JN5-100 M5 5.0-10.0
+ Add
JN6-047 M6 0.40-4.70
+ Add
JN6-095 M6 4.70-9.50
+ Add
JN8-120 M8 5.0-12.0
+ Add

Jack nuts provide a large blind side clamp that will not distort or damage soft, thin or brittle surfaces. When tightened, the body of the jack nut collapses to form a propeller shape configuration which gently grip the inside of the mounting surface leaving a permanent reusable threaded insert.

Jack Nut Advantages

  • Excellent wide grip range. 
  • Fastens in blind holes. Hole size tolerant
  • Will not distort or deform soft plastics or thin sheet metal
  • Fastens securely desite burrs or uneven surfaces
  •  Can be set with manual or air tool. Light weight.

Jack Nut Applications

  • Automotive body building
  • Truck/Trailer paneling
  • Plastic, fiberglass fabrications

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