Bulb-tite Rivet

The original tri folding aluminum high strength rivet with washer

Bulb-tites are the original a tri-fold rivet that that bulges into a propeller shape configuration on the blind side. A high strength rivets that is both vibration and weather proof through their fitted neoprene washer - how clever is that!

Excellent for uneven or curved surfaces. 

Bulb-tites have good clamping power and are ideal for thin, low strength, or brittle material such as sheet metal, plastics, fiberglass,  composites etc.

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Bulb-tite rivets

Product Code Description Rivet Diameter Enquiry Cart
RV66 All alumnium rivets 3/16' 1/4' and 5/16'
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Gesipa's Bulb tite is the orginal tr-i fold rivet and their fitted neoprene seal along with mandrel retention provide great moisture protection. Great for fastening plastic, sheetmetal, fiberglass, composite materials and much more.

Bulb-tite Rivet Advantages

  • Excellent for plastics, fiberglass, composites etc.
  • Ideal for curved or uneven surfaces. 
  • Washer provides a weatherproof joint
  • High clamp strength
  • Vibration resistant
  • Wide grip range

Bulb-tites Applications

  • Cladding, storage tanks & grain dryers, commercial vehicles, roofing etc.

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