Huck xtralok rvt

Extended grip range and double locking action for a secure hold

The Huck xtralok® rivet is a double locking wide-grip range mechanical rivet for sheet metal, fiberglass, plastics and other composites materials.  

Combining the extended grip range of the original Huck rivet and the strength of the MB rivet has resulted in a rivet like no other, a rivet that locks material from both sides with excellent shear and pull-up force. 

The breakaway ring design lets the shear ring settle into the appropriate catch grove ensuring a consistent clamp throughout the Huck's rivets wide grip range.

Huck Xtralok Rivet Steel

Huck Xtralok Rivet Dome Head
Product Code Rivet Diameter Grip min-max (mm) Shear (N) Tensile (N) Enquiry Cart
HKLP-R6-5U 4.8mm or 3/16" 1.6 - 7.9 8541 4448
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HKLP-R8-6 6.4 mm or 1/4" 2.0 - 9.5 15568 8541
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HKLP-R8-7 6.4 mm or 1/4" 4.8 - 11.5 15568 8541
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HKLP-R8-10 6.4mm or 1/4" 9.5 - 15.9 15568 8541
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HKLP-R8-12 6.4mm or 1/4" 12.7 - 19.05 15568 8541
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Huck xtralok rivets have a unique double-locking system that provide exceptional high shear and tensile strength compared to many other rivets. The Huck xtralok rivet is a strong reliable rivet for metal, plastic and numerous composites with consistent results. 

Huck rivet xtralok® features

  • Fast & easy to install
  • Wide grip range.
  • Large blind footprint
  • High shear/tensile
  • Flush pin break
  • Internal pin locking mechanism
  • Weatherproof

Huck rivet xtralok® applications

  • Commercial vehicle body building
  • Buses/Trucks and Utes
  • Trains carriages
  • General sheet metal fabrication

Huck Rivet Gun: HG-10224, HG-10U05.

Huck Rivet Gun: RT-10171, RT-10180, RT-888

Huck Rivet Drill Sizes; Rivet Ø 3/16'-5.0mm, Rivet Ø1/4'-6.7mm.

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