Nutsert Gun N10QI

The MFXN10QI nutsert gun is the ultimate selection when seeking a fully automatic high speed quality tool. Fast single trigger installation and an easy interchangeable system that lets you change from one nutsert size to another without tools - how clever is that!

MFXN10QI is from Europe's favourite tool company & comes complete with M5, M6, M8 and M10 threaded inserts mandrels/anvils. Optional extra cost insert sizes; M3, M4, M12; threaded studs mandrels M5, M6 and M8 and Imperial. 

New to Aerobolt, we now have an Asian version of the N10QI not recommended for production workshops but suitable for one off projects or light use.  

Seeking data on this nutsert tool (PDF) (235 Kb)? 

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Product Code Construction Capacity Weight (kg) Length (mm) Height (mm) Enquiry Cart
NG-MFXN10QI ABS Plastic/Steel M5-10* 2.3 313 275
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NG-N10QI-ASIAN ABS Plastic/Steel M5-10 2.5 313 275
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MFXN10QI is the ultimate choice when seeking a fully automatic high speed nutsert tool, this European gem is equipped with an interchangeable system that does not require tools - how clever is that!

Nutsert Tool N10QI Key Product Features

  • Fast installations through single installation and reverse trigger 
  • Equipped with quick interchange system, no tools required
  • The pressure regulation system ensures a correct setting of the nutsert / stud
  • Automatic right and left-hand running for quick and easy setting.
  • Pressure set dial, safety valve, balance connector and so much more

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