Lockbolt Panelok

Low profile barrel bolt and nut for truck doors. 

Engineered to have a low profile on both sides of the door, Panelok are an innovative barrel bolt & mating Torx® drive "T" nut combo. Featuring a seal under the head of the bolt and an adhesive patch on the thread thus ensuring a tamper and weather proof joint.

An easy to install fastening combo via a drill and the Torx T55 drive bit, the Panelok combo are designed to be removable and re-usable and provide a neat apperance when used to attach components like hinges, latches and locks to truck doors. 

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Panel Lock Bolt

Standard Low Profile Head. (Steel/zinc coat. Nitrile weather seal under the head)
Product Code H (mm) W (mm) L (mm) T (mm) D1 (mm) Enquiry Cart
PLB10-22 22 5 8 17 10.5
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PLB10-25 22 5 11 17 10.5
+ Add
PLB10-32 22 5 15 17 10.5
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Panel Lock Nut

Standard Low Profile Nut ( Steel/zinc coat)
Product Code H (mm) W (mm) L (mm) D (mm) Drive Bit Enquiry Cart
PLN10-13 25 5 13 10 Torx T55
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PLN10-16 25 5 16 10 Torx T55
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PLN10-25 25 5 25 10 Torx T55
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Panel Lock Grip Data (Using Various Combinations)

Product Code Grip min-max (mm) Enquiry Cart
PLB10-22 - PLN10-13 22.5 - 26.5
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PLB10-22 - PLN10-16 25.5 - 30.0
+ Add
PLB10-22 - PLN10-25 34.0 - 39.5
+ Add
PLB10-25 - PLN10-13 25.0 - 30.0
+ Add
PLB10-25 - PLN10-16 29.0 - 35.0
+ Add
PLB10-25 - PLN10-25 36.5 - 42.0
+ Add
PLB10-32 - PLN10-13 30.0 - 36.0
+ Add
PLB10-32 - PLN10-16 32.0 - 39.5
+ Add
PLB10-32 - PLN10-25 40.0 - 48.0
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Barrel bolt and nut combo that is engineered to have a low profile head on both sides of the joint, Paneloks are predominately used on truck doors and have a moisture proof seal under the bolt head along with adhesive patch on the thread that locks the fastener into place. An easy to install assembly via a Torx T55 drive bit, also known as Camtainers.   

Panelok Fastener Features

  • Low profile/large diameter head and nut insures even pressure clamp down.
  • Unique undercut allows for weather proof “o-ring” use under the bolt.
  • Scotch grip patch on bolt.
  • Vibration resistant.
  • Panel Lock ribs insures panel to lock and panel to hinge security/no twisting.
  • Tamper resistant design (Torx Drive)

Paneloks Fastener Assembly Applications

  • Truck door hardware
  • Refrigerated panels
  • Use with plastic, fiberglass, composites or plywood

Huck Bolt Panelok Recommended Drill Hole: 11.0mm

Huck Bolt Panelok Strength: Shear 14kN, Tensile stregnth 20kN

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