Huck Aerotainer

Low profile Huck bolt and nut for truck doors and cladding.

Huck bolt "Aerotainers" were specifically designed for plywood panel applications in the truck fabrication industry, a speciality fastener that provides a water tight joint with a neat low profile appearance on both sides.

Aerotainers have great clamping & tamper proof properties due to Huck's internal locking system and weather seal, making Hucktainers ideal for truck body builders.

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Hucktainer Huck Bolt Pin

Standard Low Profile Head (steel zinc coated)
Product Code Pin Diameter Grip min-max (mm) Tensile (N) Clamp (N) Enquiry Cart
HLPP-R12-10 9.5mm-3/8" dia. 14.27-17.48 6670 3113
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HLPP-R12-12 9.5mm-3/8" dia. 17.45-20.62 6670 3113
+ Add
HLPP-R12-14 9.5mm-3/8" dia. 20.62-23.80 6670 3113
+ Add
HLPP-R12-16 9.5mm-3/8" dia. 23.80-26.97 6670 3113
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HLPP-R12-18 9.5mm-3/8" dia. 26.97-30.15 6670 3113
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HLPP-R12-20 9.5mm-3/8" dia. 30.15-33.32 6670 3113
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HLPP-R12-22 9.5mm-3/8" dia. 31.75-34.93 6670 3113
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Hucktainer Huck Bolt Collar

Low Profile Collar (steel zinc coated gold chromate)
Product Code Collar Diameter Enquiry Cart
HLPS-R12 Wide Bearing Sleeve
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Huck bolt Aerotainer is a high strength lock bolt suitable for use with fiberglass reinforced plywood panels associated with truck door and other applications in the fabrication of truck bodies. The Hucktainer lock bolt will not damage parent material and provides a fast tamper proof water tight fastener solution. 

Huck Bolt Aerotainer Features

  • Fast & easy installation
  • Will not damage fiberglass reinfored plywood
  • Seal prevents water ingress
  • Low profile on both sides

Huck Bolt Aerotainers Applications

  • Commercial vehicle body building
  • Suitable for use on fiberglass reinforced plywood panels

Huck Bolt Gun For Aerotainers: HG-10224 plus special nose

Huck Bolt Aerotainer Drill Size: Ø 10.5mm

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